What is the main production process of the automatic eps making machine?

- 2022-08-19 -

What is the main production process of the automatic eps making machine?


The automatic eps making machine is used for the production of expanded polystyrene foam products. The machine works by expanding a closed-cell polymer structure with the help of a blowing agent. This results in the creation of an extremely lightweight and rigid material that is perfect for use in many different applications. Some of these applications include packaging insulation and construction.


The main production process of the automatic eps making machine is as follows:


1. Pre-expansion: The beads are fed into the pre-expander by a screw feeder and are pre-expanded in the pre-expander at a low temperature and pressure.


2 Foaming: The pre-expanded beads are then fed into the foaming machine where they are heated and expanded to form foamed beads.


3 Moulding: The foamed beads are fed into the moulding machine where they are shaped into the desired product shape.


4 Curing: The moulded product is then cured in an oven to harden it.



Theeps making machine is a kind of equipment which can save a lot of energy and labor compared with the traditional manual eps production line. The whole process is mainly completed by the following five steps:


1. Mixing raw materials: The main raw materials are fly ash quicklime gypsum and water. In order to achieve better results it is necessary to accurately control the ratio of each raw material according to the proportion required by the formula.


2. Foaming agent: The foaming agent is added to the mixed raw material in a certain proportion and stirred evenly.


3. Pre-expansion: The pre-expanded beads are put into an autoclave for pre-expansion at a certain temperature and pressure so that they can be fully expanded and have good roundness and uniformity.


4 .Drying: After pre-expansion the beads need to be dried to drive.


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