How to maintain EPS Pre-expander machine

- 2022-01-10 -

About EPS Pre-expander machine:


How to maintain EPS Pre-expander machine?


1. Nozzle ring: As long as the supplied gas is clean, even if the gloss of the nozzle blade becomes dark, it will not affect the efficiency. However, if the gas contains large even a small amount of solid particles or contains carbon dioxide and produces droplets.

EPS Pre-expander machine

abrasion of the nozzle blades will occur, and pits will appear in severe cases, which will significantly reduce the efficiency. The nozzle vanes should be replaced. Abrasion is most likely to occur during device start-up, so special care must be taken when operating the device.


⒉EPS Pre-expander machine impeller: The same reason as the nozzle ring may also cause abrasion to the inlet edge of the impeller blade. If the abrasion is severe or even pits appear, the working wheel should be replaced.


Incidentally, because the measuring instruments used in the field are not accurate enough to measure the efficiency of EPS Pre-expander machine. Therefore, they cannot be used as a basis for efficiency changes and whether to replace the nozzle ring and impeller.


3. EPS Pre-expander machine and turbocharger impeller seal: the sealer is susceptible to slight wear, which will lead to a drop in efficiency. If the sealer is significantly worn, it must be replaced. The assembly clearance is shown in the turbine assembly clearance diagram.


4. Shaft seal: The stone-grinding seal sleeve will also be slightly worn during operation. However, if the wear is severe, the shaft seal should be replaced, because excessive wear will reduce the bearing temperature and increase the leakage loss. This usually happens for more than a year. It is stipulated that the radial gap of the seal is 0.05mm, and it should be replaced when it increases to 0.1mm.


5. Bearing: The bearing profile is designed according to hydraulic theory and guaranteed by machining. Therefore, its inner hole and thrust surface do not allow any modification. If it is found that the bearing is damaged due to temporary overloading or poor lubrication, the bearing should be replaced.


6. Turbocharger impeller: If the supplied gas is not clean, it will cause the abrasion of the turbocharger impeller, which will lead to the destruction of the dynamic balance. This situation is similar to the failure of the dynamic balance of the impeller of the EPS Pre-expander machine. If the wear is severe or even pitted, the booster wheel should be replaced.


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