What are the common faults of EPS Shape Molding Machine

- 2022-01-10 -

About EPS Pre-expander machine:


What are the common faults of EPS Shape Molding Machine


The failure and abnormality of EPS Shape Molding Machine is a long-term concern, because EPS Shape Molding Machine will inevitably have many failures in use. As a production and processing equipment, its status directly affects the quality of products!

EPS Shape Molding Machine

So let's take a look at the common faults of EPS Shape Molding Machine? And the maintenance methods and steps for each fault.


If the EPS Shape Molding Machine is abnormal, first check whether the mold opening light on the template is on, indicating whether the output of the computer is normal, and whether there is a problem with the circuit between the templates.


Some use a small electric pen to push the mold opening valve, and some use an electric pen to open the mold. If the mold can be opened smoothly after pushing the mold, it is confirmed that the problem is the discharge, and then pulling another line can solve it.


After reading a lot of electromechanical data of second-hand EPS Shape Molding Machine, it focuses on the basic composition and structure of EPS Shape Molding Machine, and masters the control block diagram.


Focus on understanding and mastering the complicated circuit diagram of EPS Shape Molding Machine control panel, the manufacturer did not provide necessary detailed instructions, focus on understanding the function of each component, the function of each panel, the direction of the interface, the meaning of LED, etc.


There are many models of EPS Shape Molding Machine controllers these days, and updates are fast, and there are often large differences between manufacturers and models.

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