What are the common problems of CNC Cutting Machine

- 2022-01-07 -

About CNC Cutting Machine:


What are the common problems of CNC Cutting Machine


1. The CNC Cutting Machine has a long working time. Due to the needs of production, the industrial control system of some users needs to work for a long time, which brings a huge load to the operating system of the industrial computer.

CNC Cutting Machine

The internal temperature of the CNC Cutting Machine industrial computer is too high. In a long-term high-temperature environment, the computer components are in a high-temperature state for a long time. If they are not cooled in time, they are prone to aging and hard disk failure.


2. The power supply voltage of CNC Cutting Machine fluctuates greatly and is prone to power failure. CNC Cutting Machine guide rails should be wiped and maintained frequently.


3. CNC Cutting Machine has a lot of inhalable particles in the air. Because CNC Cutting Machine produces a large amount of metal dust during cutting, it will penetrate into various parts of the equipment, and the long-term large amount of cutting by CNC Cutting Machine, the accumulation of metal dust will also cause a great burden on the operation of the equipment.


4. CNC Cutting Machine has a large vibration on the ground. During production in a mechanical manufacturing plant, due to physical displacement actions such as dragging and vibration, extremely strong noise will be generated. The vibration caused by the operation of the equipment will cause strong damage to the industrial computer's disk, optical drive, and floppy drive.


5. The humidity of the CNC Cutting Machine environment is not suitable. The industrial computer is mainly composed of integrated circuits with many electronic components, and its insulation performance is inseparable from the environmental humidity. Too much humidity can easily short-circuit the circuit board and burn it; too little humidity can easily generate static electricity, which will also break down some electronic components.


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