What are the differences in mechanical structure of CNC cutting machines

- 2022-01-07 -

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What are the differences in mechanical structure of CNC cutting machines


1. Gantry CNC cutting machines are the vertical structure of the double-frame beam seat of traditional large and medium-sized machine tools, with large span and longitudinal travel distance, suitable for large-scale plate processing.

CNC cutting machines

2. Cantilever CNC cutting machines are also a traditional and classic mechanical structure. The single base is connected to one end of the beam, and the cutting gun moves laterally on the beam. This type of equipment is suitable for small and medium-sized plate processing.


3. Portable CNC cutting machines are developed from semi-automatic trolley-type cutting machines. The trolley-type cutting machines are equipped with numerical control systems and transmission devices. The basic appearance is similar to that of the trolley-type semi-automatic cutting machines. This type of machine has low cost and structure. Lightweight, especially suitable for small and medium-sized plate processing.


4. Desktop CNC cutting machines are developed from engraving machines. The appearance looks like a mini gantry cutting machine installed on the worktable. This type of equipment has great advantages in the field of thin plate cutting and is widely used in advertising and automobiles. Sheet metal industry.


5. Intersecting line CNC cutting machines are special cutting machines with special structure, which are specially used for cutting pipes and cylindrical profiles. There are not many domestic manufacturers and the demand is not large.


6. Robot CNC cutting machines is a new type of cutting machine developed abroad. The cutting gun is installed on a mechanical arm, and the CNC system is operated to realize multi-axis linkage, which can process three-dimensional and special-shaped workpieces and realize 3D cutting. This type of equipment has complicated technology. , The cost is high, and the domestic equipment is mainly imported.


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