What is the development history of CNC cutting machine

- 2022-01-07 -

About CNC Cutting Machine:


What is the development history of CNC cutting machine


1. After decades of development, CNC Cutting Machine has made considerable progress in cutting energy and numerical control systems. Cutting energy has evolved from a single flame energy cutting to multiple energy sources cutting method.

CNC Cutting Machine

CNC Cutting Machine control system has evolved from simple functions, complex programming and input methods, and low automation to a fully functional, intelligent, graphical, and networked control method; the drive system has also evolved from step to step Advanced drive, analog servo drive to today's all-digital servo drive;


1) CNC Cutting Machine has the following types of cutting methods:


CNC flame cutting machine; CNC plasma cutting machine; CNC high pressure water jet cutting machine.


2) CNC Cutting Machine is divided into the following types from the mechanical structure:


CNC Flame Plasma Dual-purpose Cutting Machine Equipment; Gantry CNC Cutting Machine; Cantilever CNC Cutting Machine; Portable CNC Cutting Machine; Printed CNC Cutting Machine; Straight CNC Cutting Machine; Desktop CNC Cutting Machine; Robotic Cutting Machine; CNC Unilateral flame; intersecting line CNC Cutting Machine; plasma cutting machine.


About Wanlong Machinery:


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