Why is eps polystyrene cutting machine more and more popular

- 2022-08-19 -

Maintenance method of eps polystyrene cutting machine


EPS (expanded polystyrene) is widely used in daily life and EPS cutting machines are indispensable equipment in industry. So how to do the maintenance of EPS cutting machine?


The eps polystyrene cutting machine is a kind of machinery that is very convenient for us to use in our daily life. However we should also pay attention to its maintenance methods in order to make it work better and last longer.


1 Clean the cutter head and knife after each use.


2 Lubricate the cutter head and knife regularly.


3 Keep the cutter head and knife sharp.


4 Inspect the parts of the machine regularly and replace any worn or damaged parts.


Eps polystyrene cutting machine is a kind of equipment that uses eps as raw material to make all kinds of products with different shapes. In the process of using we also need to do some maintenance work on it so as to avoid some unnecessary losses. So what are the maintenance methods of eps polystyrene cutting machine? Let's take a look at it together!


1. Check whether the parts are complete and whether they are installed in the right place;


2. Check whether the reducer oil level meets the requirements;


3. Check whether the cooling water meets the requirements;


4. Whether there is any debris in the cutting chamber;


5. Whether there is any debris in the cooling water tank;


6. Whether there is any debris on the knife holder and whether the knife is installed properly;


7. Whether there is anything wrong with the electrical components.



About Wanlong Machinery:


Hangzhou Fuyang Wanlong Machinery Co., Ltd established in 1997, is a professional high-tech EPS (Expandable polystyrene) machinery & Mould manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and service. We have strong product design and innovation capabilities, with more than 10 of the provincial high-tech products, the invention patent, utility model and appearance design patent etc. In addition, we passed the certifications of quality management system ISO9001, the products has with high efficiency, low energy consumption, stability, durability, easy maintenance, etc.


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