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Port: Hangzhou, China

Production capacity: 30 pieces / month

Payment method: Letter of credit, telegraphic transfer

Mould Cavity: Customerize

Plastic Material: EPS

Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008

Condition: New

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EPS block molding machine | block molding machine | molding machine

Mould Branch Introduction:


Mould department is a professional EPS (expanded polystyrene) mould manufacturer, was established in 1998. The capacity for annual producing moulds exceeds 200 sets mainly used in electrical appliance industry, aquaculture industry, construction and lost foam casting industries. High quality aluminum alloy material is used in all kinds of EPS moulds. The mould surface is spayed with protective Teflon coating with feature of excellent lubrication, no sticking of the product on the mould, convenient de-mould, good anticorrosion, resistant of high-temperature above 350℃,and long service life etc.

Wanlong has a professional and experienced mold designing, manufacturing team, and using CAD/UG/SolidWorks software for product and mould 3D design as per client’s information provided such as data, idea, sample, 2D drawing or 3D drawing. Using expert evaluation system and CAE analyze to optimize mould structure. In the production process, all the procedures are subjected to ISO9001 quality-control management system in providing a solid guarantee for high-product quality.

We have been cooperating with many providers of well-know companies in domestic market for years, such as Haier, Philips, LG, Gree, Mengniu, etc. also exported to abroad including

European, Africa, America, Middle East, Australia, etc.


About EPS block molding machine

Application of the machine:

1.The aircraft is equipped with a high quality enclosed hot air drying system, good raw material in the barrel body hair dry, without going through a long curing dry bed, weighing system on top the barrel, so the small footprint and compact machine structure.

2.The machine uses electrical, pneumatic components, valves, etc. are well -known brand products, thus ensuring the operation of the machine stability, reliability and long service life.

WANLONG MACHINERY is a leading EPS block molding machine supplier, factory, manufacturer that focuses on EPS block molding machine. We focus on producing high-quality products with complete specifications. The quality of our products has passed international certification and the price is affordable.

EPS block molding machine

When designing and developing new products according to customer needs, we strictly control quality standards while controlling production costs.


EPS block molding machine | block molding machine | molding machine


EPS block molding machine | block molding machine | molding machine


EPS block molding machine | block molding machine | molding machine


EPS block molding machine | block molding machine | molding machine


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