Foam Recycling Machine


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Production capacity: 20 sets / month

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Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008

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Styrofoam recycling machine, Foam Recycling Machine,Styrofoam recycling machine manufacturer

Main Features:


1.This machine is suitable for the EPS crushing;

2.Simple using, just put material into the entry of the machine;

3.Blade used for a specially treated. useful life are greatly improved.


Styrofoam recycling machine, Foam Recycling Machine


Styrofoam recycling machine mainly function is to recycle the eps block scrap to make granules . The Styrofoam recycle production line mainly made up by Styrofoam scrap crushing machine, Styrofoam scrap melting machine, extruting machine, water tank, pearl cutting machine, control cabinet.


Styrofoam recycling machine is a new and improved way to recycle styrofoam. It is made up of several parts that include a hopper, a blade, a heating element, and a cooling element. The styrofoam is placed into the hopper and the blade cuts the styrofoam into small pieces. The heating element melts the styrofoam and the liquid styrofoam falls onto the cooling element where it cools and solidifies.


Foam recycling machines help reduce the amount of foam that goes to landfills. There are a few different types of foam recycling machines, but all work by breaking down the foam into small pieces. This is then used to make new products or recycled back into foam products.


In the recycling process, styrofoam is broken down into its component parts: polystyrene, carbon dioxide and water. The machine then separates these materials according to their density, and the most dense material is recycled. There are many companies that recycle styrofoam, but the most common method is to use a foam recycling machine.




This Styrofoam recycling machine can recycle 100% of the Styrofoam waste

Saves time and money - this machine can recycle faster than a human

The machine is safe to use and does not produce any harmful fumes

This recycling machine is environmentally friendly and helps reduce global warming

The machine is easy to use and does not require any special training


Styrofoam recycling machine, Foam Recycling Machine manufacturer


EPS recycling machine is available in various sizes and specifications to meet the specific needs of your business. These machines use a variety of methods to recycle EPS, including crushing and screening.


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Technical Data:
Item Technical Parameter
Styrofoam Scrap Crushing Machine Size 1500x1200x900Mm
Styrofoam Scrap Melting Machine Size 1600x1500x800Mm
Extrusion diameter and length 325mm & 1050mm
Extruting machine size 1500x1300x1200Mm
Water Tank Size 2000x400x350Mm
Pearl Cutting Machine 1100x800x550Mm
Styrofoam Scrap Crushing Machine Motor 5.5Kw
Styrofoam Scrap Melting Machine Motor 18.5Kw
Extruting machine Motor 7.5Kw
Pearl Cutting Machine Motor 2.2Kw
Pearl Cutting Machine Hob number 19
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Grinder machine | Grinder machine | Grinder machine supplier


Grinder machine | Grinder machine | Grinder machine supplier


Grinder machine | Grinder machine | Grinder machine supplier


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