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Eps Foam Recycling Machine Manufacturer - WANLONG MACHINERY

Main Features:


1.This machine is suitable for the EPS crushing;

2.Simple using, just put material into the entry of the machine;

3.Blade used for a specially treated. useful life are greatly improved.


Product Descriptions 


Foam Recycling Machine


The foam recycling machine is a new and innovative way to recycle foam. It uses a crusher to break down the foam into small pieces, and then it separates the plastic from the foam. The plastic is then recycled, and the foam is reused. This machine is especially useful in areas where there is not enough space to recycle other materials, such as rural areas.


Foam recycling machines are becoming more common as municipalities and businesses look for ways to reduce the amount of foam waste that goes into landfills. These machines can break down foam into its component parts, including gas, water and plastic. This allows the components to be reused or recycled.


Foam recycling machines can turn used foam into new foam, saving both time and money. These machines can be a huge time-saver for businesses that produce foam products. Recycling foam also preserves the environment by reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of.


Eps Recycling Machine


Eps Recycling Machine is a high-efficiency, low-cost recycling machine that can recycle a wide variety of materials. It has a compact design and is easy to operate.Eps recycling machine is a new and innovative technology for recycling plastic. It can recycle up to 95% of plastic waste. The machine is easy to use and does not require any special skills. It also eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming labor.


Eps recycling machine is a device that helps in the disposal of Eps products. It has a sorting mechanism that cleans and separates plastic, paper and metal items. This machine helps in reducing the amount of waste that is created by the Eps consumers.


Eps recycling machine is a convenient and environmentally-friendly way to recycle plastic bottles. The machine uses a rotating drum to crush the bottles and separates the different materials using filters. The liquids are then collected and reused, while the plastics are recycled into new products.


Eps recycling machine is a great invention that can help reduce the amount of waste that is produced. This machine can recycle materials such as plastics, metal, and paper by breaking them down into smaller pieces. This process can then be used to create new products or materials. By using this machine, it is possible to reduce the amount of waste that is produced and help Thankfully, this type of machine is becoming more and more common, as it is both environmentally friendly and practical.


Polystyrene Recycling Machine


Polystyrene recycling machines can recycle polystyrene materials into new polystyrene products. The machines create new polystyrene products by breaking down the polystyrene into individual styrene molecules. This process creates new polystyrene products that are more durable and heat resistant, which is beneficial for industries that use polystyrene products. It can also be used to create energy from the recycled polystyrene material. This machine is used to break down the polystyrene into its individual components so that it can be reused.


Polystyrene recycling machines can recycle Styrofoam cups, food containers and other polystyrene products. These machines shred the polystyrene into small pieces, separates the plastic from the metal and melts down the plastic to create new products. 

The recycling of polystyrene products helps reduce environmental pollution and can create new jobs.


Eps Foam Recycling Machine


Eps foam recycling machine is a new and advanced technology for recycling EPS foam. It can recycle EPS foam into new EPS foam with high efficiency and low environmental impact. It has excellent performance in recovering oil, water, gas, and other liquids from EPS foam. The machine can also produce high-quality recycled EPS foam products. It is a versatile tool that can be used in various industries such as automotive, construction, furniture, and appliances.


Eps foam recycling machine helps recycle EPS foam from different industries and applications. This machine has a high output and can recycle EPS foam into various types of products. It is also energy efficient and easy to operate.


Eps foam recycling machine is used to recycle EPS foam. It can easily break down EPS foam into small pieces which can then be used for other purposes. This machine is very user-friendly and can be operated by someone with minimal training. It has a built-in vibrator which helps in breaking down the EPS foam into small pieces.


  • The Eps Foam Recycling Machine can recycle up to 90% of the waste material, which is a huge reduction in environmental pollution.
  • This machine has a low power consumption and does not require a lot of maintenance, making it very cost effective.
  • The Eps Foam Recycling Machine can be used in schools, factories, and other public places where there is a lot of waste foam.
  • This machine is able to process different types of foam, so it can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • The Eps Foam Recycling Machine is able to reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, which helps improve the environment.


Eps Foam Recycling Machine Manufacturer -WANLONG MACHINERY


EPS recycling machine is available in various sizes and specifications to meet the specific needs of your business. These machines use a variety of methods to recycle EPS, including crushing and screening.


WANLONG MACHINERY  is a leading Polystyrene recycling machine, Foam Recycling Machine supplier, factory, manufacturer that focuses on eps recycling machine, Eps Foam Recycling Machine. We will become your trusted partner with reliable product quality and excellent customer service.

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Technical Data:
Item Technical Parameter
Styrofoam Scrap Crushing Machine Size 1500x1200x900Mm
Styrofoam Scrap Melting Machine Size 1600x1500x800Mm
Extrusion diameter and length 325mm & 1050mm
Extruting machine size 1500x1300x1200Mm
Water Tank Size 2000x400x350Mm
Pearl Cutting Machine 1100x800x550Mm
Styrofoam Scrap Crushing Machine Motor 5.5Kw
Styrofoam Scrap Melting Machine Motor 18.5Kw
Extruting machine Motor 7.5Kw
Pearl Cutting Machine Motor 2.2Kw
Pearl Cutting Machine Hob number 19
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Grinder machine | Grinder machine | Grinder machine supplier


Grinder machine | Grinder machine | Grinder machine supplier


Grinder machine | Grinder machine | Grinder machine supplier


Grinder machine | Grinder machine | Grinder machine supplier


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