Polystyrene moulding machine


Port: Hangzhou, China

Production capacity: 20 sets / month

Payment method: Letter of credit, telegraphic transfer


Computerized: Computerized

Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008

Condition: New

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Polystyrene moulding machine | moulding machine | Polystyrene machine

Main Features:


1.The machine applies PLC and touch screen, to realize automatic production: closing template, charging (filling), heating, forming, cooling, opening template and de-molding;

2.The machine is vertical style, compact structure,small land occupancy area,hydraulic system has been used, high security and reliability;

3.Convenient operation, full automatic to manual operation can be changed, operator does not need training, and only need to take out the finished products, one operator can operate 2-4 sets machines at the same time;

4.Time of the cycle is precise and stable, the quality of the product closes to the full-automatic shape molding machine;


About Polystyrene moulding machine

Application of the Polystyrene moulding machine

1.The machine adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen control, automatic feeding, automatic electronic measurement, automatic control of temperature and pressure, dry barrel drums, etc., have made the material once completed, to ensure that the machine automatically cycle of production.

2.The use of electronic weighing systems, photoelectric material level control system, proper grasp bulk density foam material, so that a uniform density foam beads after each error is less than 3% or less.

3.Barrel body temperature and vapor pressure, the use of advanced high -precision Japanese pilot valve control, ensure that the pressure relief valve outlet is always constant , ensure that the temperature inside the tank advance machine control within ±1% ºC of , so as to ensure the consistency of raw EPS issued prevent EPS material because the temperature control is not good agglomeration.

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Polystyrene moulding machine

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Technical Data:


Items Unit/Type EPS-YBC-1009 EPS-YBC-1208 EPS-YBC-1210 EPS-YBC-1310 EPS-YBC-1512 EPS-YBC-1712 EPS-YBC-1714
Outer Dimension of Template mm 1000x900 1200x800 1200x1000 1300x1000 1500x1200 1700x1200 1700x1400
Centre of Guider mm 800x800 1000x800 1080x880 1180x880 1350x1050 1550x1050 1550x1250
Max Mold Dimension mm 1000x740 1200x740 1200x820 1300x820 1500x980 1700x980 1700x1180
Max Traveling Distance mm 720 720 720 720 720 720 1100
Velocity of Template Moving mm/s 25 25 25 25 25 25 25
Cycle Time s 80-140 80-140 80-160 80-180 100-200 100-200 100-200
Connected Load kw 4 4 4 4 5.5 5.5 5.5
Overall Dimension mm 1200x1100x2800 1400x1200x2800 1400x1400x3000 1400x1400x3000 1550x1400x3000 1750x1400x3000 1750x1600x3000
Weight kg 2500kg 2700kg 2800kg 2900kg 3200kg 3500kg 4000kg


EPS Products Process:


Polystyrene moulding machine | moulding machine | Polystyrene machine


Engineering Case:



Polystyrene moulding machine | moulding machine | Polystyrene machine



Polystyrene moulding machine | moulding machine | Polystyrene machine


Polystyrene moulding machine | moulding machine | Polystyrene machine


Polystyrene moulding machine | moulding machine | Polystyrene machine


Product Application:


Polystyrene moulding machine | moulding machine | Polystyrene machine

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