Steam regulater yoshitake


Port: Hangzhou, China

Production capacity: 3000 pieces / month

Payment method: Letter of credit, telegraphic transfer

Mould Cavity: Customerize

Plastic Material: EPS

Certification: CE, ISO9001:2008

Condition: New

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Brief Introduction

This Direct Acting Bellows Pressure Reducing Valve material is Stainless steel, which can be used for some corrosive medium, it can also be used for Air, Steam, etc. The Bellows inside also ensured the high sealing performance of the valve.


Working Principle

This reducing valve is direct acting bellows reducing valve, mainly composed of valve seat, valve flap(steel ball), corrupted tube combined component and spring. Set the outlet pressure through adjusting spring, the opening of valve flap enlarged when the outlet pressure reduced, the opening of valve flap decreased when the outlet pressure reached to the set pressure. The valve pressure of the medium acts on the area of the corrupted tube and transduce to the adjusting spring, realizing the function of pressure reducing and regulating. This reducing valve is designed to meet the need for energy saving. It has the characteristics of multi-function and light. It is widely applied on water, steam, air, oxygen, liquefied gas pipe of factories and hotels. You can adjust the pressure by rotating the plastic handwheel, no need to use the tool, the connection and installation are very convenient. The internal structure uses the corrugated tube, the sealing face has a filtering mesh protecting device, which protects the internal parts from damage and greatly prolongs the service life.


Our Advantages

OEM Service : Customers simply provide heat transfer, flow, inlet temperature, outlet temperature, operating pressure, resistance, heat balance, core body size and other relevant parameters.

Team Support : Professional design team and technology team provide 24 hours service and 12 months warranty.

Factory Support : Accept sample order, economical and practical.


More service 

1) We can help buyers design specific products or produce products according to buyers'design.

2) We can print logo according to buyers' requirement.

3) One year's warranty against B/L loading date. If you meet with quality problem, we promise to replace goods.


About CNC cutting machine


1.Japan Yaskawa 850W servo motor and driver for XYZ-axis, ensuring the processing speed & precision.

2.Japan Shimpo Reducer for servo motor, used for replace traditional rack and belt,to make machine more powerful and stable. 

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CNC cutting machine

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CNC cutting machine | cutting machine | CNC machine


 CNC cutting machine | cutting machine | CNC machine


CNC cutting machine | cutting machine | CNC machine


CNC cutting machine | cutting machine | CNC machine


CNC cutting machine | cutting machine | CNC machine


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