Multifunctional EPS Foam Cutting Machine, Polystyrene Cutting Machine

The polystyrene cutting machine is perfect for precision cutting of EPS foam blocks.

The machine has a high-quality German steel blade that provides clean, accurate cuts.

The machine is easy to operate and can be used by anyone with minimal training.

The machine's table tilts to allow for angled cuts, and the built-in stop makes repetitive cuts quick and easy.

The polystyrene cutting machine is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of applications, including prototyping, model making, and craft projects.

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Polystyrene Cutting Machine, Multifunctional EPS Foam Cutting Machine

Main Features:

Product Descriptions


Polystyrene Cutting Machine 


Polystyrene is a popular material for making plastic products, such as cups and plates. But it can also be used to make cutting boards, bowls, and other objects. A polystyrene cutting machine can help you create these objects quickly and easily.


Polystyrene is a versatile plastic that can be used for a variety of products. Unfortunately, it is also a common material that can be damaged when cut. This is where a polystyrene cutting machine comes in handy. By using this machine, it is possible to accurately cut polystyrene without damaging the material.


This machine is used for cutting polystyrene sheets. It has a number of cutting edges that can be moved at different speeds to produce precise cuts. The machine is easy to use and allows for quick and accurate cuts.


Multifunctional EPS Foam Cutting Machine


This multifunctional EPS foam cutting machine is perfect for any small business or home workshop. With its ability to cut, score, and fold EPS foam, it can save you time and money. This machine is easy to use, making it perfect for anyone with a little experience in the construction and engineering fields.


The EPS foam cutting machine is a multifunctional machine that can be used for a variety of purposes. It can be used to cut foam, plastic, and other materials. The machine has a cutting wheel that can be rotated and the blade can be moved up and down.


Multifunctional EPS foam cutting machine is designed to cut, score, and fold EPS foamboard quickly and easily. This machine has a cutting area of ​​10 by 10 inches, a scoring area of ​​8 by 8 inches, and a folding area of ​​6 by 6 inches. It also has a knife-free scoring feature that allows users to score EPS foam without the use of a knife.


This multifunctional EPS foam cutting machine is perfect for quickly and easily cutting large sheets of EPS foam. The machine has a wide-mouth cutter that can handle large pieces of EPS foam with ease, while the small-mouthed cutter is perfect for cutting smaller pieces of EPS foam. Plus, the machine has a knife edge that removes even the most stubborn pieces of EPS foam.


Styrofoam Cutting Machine


Styrofoam is becoming an increasingly popular choice for packaging because of its low cost and lightweight properties. However, Styrofoam can be a difficult material to cut and shape. A styrofoam cutting machine can help reduce the time and effort it takes to create custom Styrofoam products.


Styrofoam is a popular material for packing and shipping products. It is durable, lightweight, and easy to work with. However, Styrofoam is not the most environmentally friendly material to use. In fact, it can be wasteful and damaging to the environment when it is cut and processed. 


There is a new Styrofoam cutting machine that has been designed to help reduce the environmental damage that can result from Styrofoam production.


Eps Foam Cutting Machine manufacturer/supplier/factory in China


EPS foam cutting machines are designed for the production of precision parts from EPS foam. They have a variety of features that make them well-suited for a wide range of applications, including furniture and components, medical devices, and aircraft parts. The machines are easy to use and can produce accurate cuts quickly and easily.


Looking for a reliable and affordable foam cutting machine manufacturer supplier factory in China? Look no further than Eps. Our machines are known for their quality and accuracy, and our factory is located in the heart of China's manufacturing sector. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


Eps foam cutting machines are a popular choice for manufacturing due to their reliability and high-quality output. They are available from a variety of manufacturers, so finding the right one for your needs is easy. If you're looking for a reliable supplier, China is the place to be.

Technical Data:


Item Unit PSQ300 PSQ600 Multifunctional
Max Size of productive mm 3000*1250*1250 6000*1250*1250 6000*1250*1250
Transfomer Capacity kva 5.2 5.2 15
Total Power of stalled Machine kw 6.55 6.55 17.45
Max Extemal Dimensions mm 5800*1900*2480 8800*1900*2480 8800*1900*2480
Stalled Weight kg 1200 1800 2800

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EPS cutting machine | cutting machine | EPS machine


Engineering Case:


EPS cutting machine | cutting machine | EPS machine

EPS cutting machine | cutting machine | EPS machine


Product Application:


EPS cutting machine | cutting machine | EPS machine

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